Your Water Saving Home Visit

If you are reading this page you have, more than likely, agreed to take part in a water saving home visit from Aqualogic on behalf of Northumbrian Water or Essex and Suffolk Water – we’re looking forward to helping you save water that will save money on your energy bills and help the environment. 

Help Us Judge the Impact 

To help us assess the impact of your visit we’d like you to take a water meter reading as soon as you have booked your water saving visit and 14 days after your visit (don’t worry we’ll email you a reminder).   

If you’re not sure how to take a water meter reading, we’ve included a guide and a video to help, just keep scrolling down the page. 

Please enter the numbers from your meter in the lines below following the usual 000.000 pattern, the dot is included for you. Please ensure you take both the RED and BLACK number readings when completing this field.

Please let us have you email address, this will not be used for marketing purposes, simply to link your meter readings together and to send you a reminder to take the final meter read two weeks after your appointment.  

Please complete all the lines below and then click submit once you are done.

Meter Readings

How to Read Your Water Meter 

Most water meters are outside of your home, near or within your outside stop tap, in your driveway, garden or nearby footpath. Most are under a small square metal or plastic cover.  

If your meter is indoors, it is normally under the kitchen sink by your internal stop tap. You may find your meter in your basements or garages.  

Occasionally, outside meters might be within a chamber with a number of other meters. You’ll need to check you have the right meter by matching the serial number to the one on your appointment confirmation email or letter. 

If you live in an apartment or flat your meter maybe in a cupboard in the communal area. 

Remember:  If you have any difficulty getting into the meter chamber, please don’t attempt it. 

Also, can you please ensure you add both the RED and BLACK numbers in the required field above.

Please watch this short video to help you find and read your water meter: